Near Window Edition 02: Inbetween

  •  Near Window Edition 02: Inbetween

Ed.2 is all about inbetweens. I know we’re all back in confinement now, but this zine was created in between two lock-downs, and when we were in a stage of inbetween ourselves: one foot in, one foot out (doing the hokey cokey and shaking it all about). This second edition was also edited in between two people; myself, and the fantastic writer Georgia Conlon. We batted ideas backwards and forwards in between us. Each piece of work was chosen because it was about an inbetween, spoke to an inbetween, could be developed between multiple people.

All visual design work has been done by the designer Emily Smith of hoiem Studios.

Lucy Wallis, Georgia Conlon, Emily Smith.

Simon Alderwick, Shawn Berman, Bri Bruce, Corinne Cordasco, Valentin Faque, H.R. Gibs, Lucy Heuschen, Aaron Housholder, Grace Hui, Liana Maher, Sam Meyerson, Shareen K. Murayama, Zack Murphy, Mali Read, Luke Richmond, Ryan Rivera, Rob Scott, Emily Uduwana, David Wilberforce.

This zine is 44 pages, and has been contributed to by some incredible writers, artists, poets, photographers, illustrators, designers. Get into it!

4/50 available